Announcing Deger Turan as the new CEO of Metaculus

2 min readApr 18, 2024

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve hired Deger Turan as Metaculus’s new CEO, and that I’m stepping into a new role as Special Advisor, while continuing to support Metaculus’s mission as an active board member. I feel honored to have led Metaculus for the last three and a half years, honored to have worked with this incredible team, and I am so excited for the future of this company.

I first met Deger in 2022 when he took the helm at the AI Objectives Institute and have witnessed his evolution from a recently exited startup founder into a leader in the broader field of impact technology. Deger has a deep commitment to Metaculus’s public benefit mission. And further, his years of experience growing organizations, building new products, collaborating with major institutional partners, and developing AI-based tools give me extremely high confidence that Deger will make an exceptional Metaculus CEO.

In his previous role at the AI Objectives Institute, Deger fundraised, built a team from scratch, and developed tools like Talk to the City, an AI-powered platform that helps bridge the gap between under-resourced communities and the public officials representing them. He also founded and grew Cerebra, a platform forecasting trends in public discourse for more than 300 million people and used by decision makers in government and industry.

In other words, he is all in on building better tools for collaborative systems thinking, and I can’t think of someone more suited to lead Metaculus into this exciting next phase of growth.

Going forward, I will maintain my position on the board, advising Metaculus and working alongside Deger while leveraging my unique perspective gained from my time leading Metaculus. And I will continue to champion Metaculus’s efforts to enhance human reasoning and coordination, connecting with funders, partners, and customers as I further grow and strengthen our network.

I want to thank my team, Deger, and the Metaculus forecasting community for being on this incredible journey with me as we build the epistemic infrastructure of tomorrow.


Gaia Dempsey