Metaculus Awarded $5.5M Grant to Advance Forecasting as a Public Good

2 min readJul 28, 2022

The infusion of funding from Open Philanthropy will significantly boost the growth of Metaculus’s forecasting programs, technology development, and hiring

It’s with great excitement that we announce Metaculus has been awarded a $5.5M grant from Open Philanthropy to fund additional hiring and platform development in support of high-impact forecasting programs on AI, biosecurity, climate change, nuclear security, and other topics.

In the next year, Metaculus will quickly scale up and undertake a number of key initiatives to benefit the forecasting community, institutional decision-makers, and the broader public. Our organizational plans include:

  • Continuously improving our forecasting workflows to better leverage the talents of the best forecasters
  • Adding new modeling capabilities to the Metaculus platform, enabling novel, policy-relevant tournaments
  • Launching a slate of new forecasting projects in our four core areas of focus: AI, biosecurity, climate change, and nuclear security
  • Strengthening and increasing collaborations with researchers and impact-focused organizations by simplifying access to forecasting data, tools, projects, and APIs
  • Building a world-class team dedicated to forecasting AI timelines and impacts, including hybrid ML engineering and forecasting roles

To meet these goals, we’ll be hiring across multiple functions, including engineering, research and data science, forecasting programs and operations, community management, administration, and more. All current open roles can be found here.

Open Philanthropy identifies outstanding giving opportunities, makes grants, follows the results, and publishes its findings. Its mission is to give as effectively as it can. We’re grateful for their recognition of our work under their Longtermism program, which focuses on work that raises the probability of a very long-lasting, positive future.

This funding will allow Metaculus to scale as an organization as we pursue our mission to build epistemic infrastructure that enables the global community to model, understand, predict, and navigate the world’s most important and complex challenges. We truly appreciate the support of partners like Open Philanthropy as we work to make our ambitious vision a reality.


Gaia Dempsey
CEO, Metaculus